International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Celebrate International Women’s Day with women cyclists

A woman in Manchester hops in the saddle to deliver food and medicine during lockdown. A Paralympian in Colorado Springs heads out on a training ride. A mum in Cleveland organises a slow roll for new riders in her community.For women around the world, bikes serve as a source of freedom, strength and unity during even the most difficult circumstances. But – as every rider knows – taking your first pedal stroke can be the hardest part of any adventure.

Always remember—even when you’re riding solo you’re never really alone. But there are women riding and rooting for you from every corner of the world.

Get to know a few of those women below, and honour International Women’s Day by welcoming a new rider into the cycling community today.

Sarah Alsammak | Trek Ambassador | Bahrain My first time riding a bike was in Victoria, BC when my family was spending the summer there. Once I returned to Bahrain it was hard to start cycling as I didn’t see any Bahraini girls doing it. But in 2006 I met my first cycling buddy, and I ended up doing lots of cycling with her. As social media started to pick up in the region, I started posting more pictures of me on a bike and got approached by more Bahraini girls asking about cycling and if they could join my rides. We started with five girls and called the group Cycling Bees, after my bright yellow and black Madone. Now we have at least 50 female riders showing up each week!