About Skate Shack

Skate Shack goes 25+ years back in history to its inception. We began in the local market with great expectations to become one of the leading bicycles and skateboards suppliers in gulf region, through extensive knowledge and experience in bicycles and skateboards. We believe success is justified when the knowledge underlying it is shared to help others grow. As a result, we do not limit ourselves to simply selling bicycles and also building new riders providing technical advice and incredible hospitality.
We are the only distributor partner for “TREK” bicycles and accessories in Qatar and Bahrain. We communicate with every customer to learn about their specific interest and expectations through cycling.
With our well-established resources, we provide the products with technical advice and responsibility.
Our Mission
We are loyal to provide innovative and reliable bicycles experience with the latest technologies and features in biking. We will use our knowledge and expertise to build enduring relationships with our customers. They will more accessible, safe and enjoyable customer service with highest quality and technological support.

Our Vision
Global to access the Fun and Better Healthy lifestyle inclusive sport of cycling


We loyal with our passion for sport and promote to more people with passion of committed to sharing it.


We always strive provide innovated technological featured cycling.


Our All Activities are carried transparency, trustworthy and ethical value.


Bicycles are healthy fun sport to make a better united community in the world.